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Stay Informed by Subscribing to the CM Public Listserv!

The Common Manual (CM) Governing Board and Policy Committee use an Industry/Public Listserv to communicate CM business and information to industry participants and interested parties. By subscribing to the listserv, you'll receive information about the policy development process and other CM activities. Information distributed routinely includes:

  • Draft policy proposals for review and comment.
  • Final policies approved by the CM Governing Board.
  • Common Bulletin Language (i.e., summaries of approved policies).
  • Timelines Documents for policy proposals in process.
  • Updates of Policy Committee activities.
  • Industry surveys.

To subscribe to the Common Manual Public Listserv:

  • Send an e-mail message to
  • Please type your name after the name of the list, as in: "SUBSCRIBE PUBLIC
    Joe H. Smith". Alternatively, if you want to subscribe anonymously, send the
    command: "SUBSCRIBE PUBLIC Anonymous". Your subscription will then be hidden
  • Leave the subject line blank
  • Type "subscribe public" in the body of the message.

Once you subscribe, you will receive a welcome message.

Note: If you choose to reply to any information through the listserv, please be aware that all subscribers will receive your comments, not just the Policy Committee.

To unsubscribe to the Common Manual Public Listserv:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Susan King at